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January 10th, 2008, 19:32
I've played the German demo for this game: I've found the game to be both enjoyable and fun. I did choose to ride on a horse, but the combat on the horse was really not as fun as I thought it could have been.

It is true that wolfes and bandits attack way too much in the game, but that's something that could easily be fixed with an upgrade, I think. I do however think that the main story in this game is pretty good as well as there being more ways than just hack & slash to get the quests in the demo (or game) done.

The fighting takes a litte getting used to in this game, but if you invest in skill upgrades for say strength and dexterity and use a bow to shoot say the wolfes before they attack you, you will get most of the fighting done in a timely manner.
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