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January 10th, 2008, 19:12
The quests take on a "role-playing" adaption within the storyline…eg: by wearing the thief boots - i could pretend (playing the role) to be a thief (when doing the millers quest) and collude with the thieves without their knowing, this suggests you could walk into a group of bandits with complete immunity - and this i did in the demo.

The wolves and crocodile thingies make for some caution, i killed 20 on foot and sold the skins and teeth to the trader - the trading menu is of the instant type (drag-&-drop) for both buying and selling items. I got beyond 2000 gold but could not buy some of the higher weapons and armour until advancing a level when you are allowed again to visit the arsenal. The demo ends barking on the quest which takes you on board a ship - i played thoroughly for six hours until the demo ending and a game display screen.

PS. You can of course use a horse then dismount and leave it somewhere convenient until later - it shows as a yellow dot on the mini-map.
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