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January 11th, 2008, 07:26
Originally Posted by Galaad View Post
Were you using 64 bit or 32bit Vista Home Prenium?
It's 32-bit. 4GB was as cheap as 3GB and I didn't want just 2. I know I'm crazy gaming on Vista, but not crazy enough to try it in 64-bit! :-)

Originally Posted by Galaad View Post
In any case, have you tried running it either in compatibility mode or Administrator Mode?

I tried it with XP-SP2 compatibility, didn't help. Just now I tried it as administrator, no help.

It's started giving me an actual error most of the time. It throws an exception in NTDLL.DLL very early on. According to some vague messages at BluesNews about the demo, it seems that it doesn't support DX10, although they're theorizing the full release might (I kind of doubt it). Apparently this project was started a LONG time ago, an .ini file in the demo has a creation date of 2003 in it. Wouldn't surprise me if it was too much trouble to try and accommodate Vista now.

I've only had this rig a couple of months, but this is the first game or demo that I couldn't run on it..
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