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January 13th, 2008, 19:09
Agreed on Moby Games. I wish the Underdogs would get some TLC.

I think the fact that I haven't been able to finish a game without a new one showing up and distracting me for the last year means that it's been a very good year. I can't remember the last time this many and this variety of RPGs were released.

Mass Effect hasn't been mentioned much, but it isn't on PC yet. That game pulled me through without effort. That's a whole new mythos that's going to be fun to explore as it develops. I think we're getting much closer to gaming's Citizen Kane and it's good to see that classic RPG makers might get us there. It's also cool to see a genre that may be one of the geekier ones is garnering games all the street cred they deserve.

I was shocked by how polished the Witcher was. The attention to detail is unparalleled. I've never seen window dressing that lush.

Eschalon is tons of fun.

Two Worlds borrowed game design choices from several good games and made a really interesting niche game that turns out fun despite flaws. I'm still annoyed by a kid at Blockbuster that bemoaned it as just a "bad Oblivion copy," when I rented it from him. It's way more of a clunky Gothic copy with Oblivion and Diablo-esque elements.
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