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January 13th, 2008, 20:28
I once read an article in a German magazine called c't , and it was about higher prices for translated software, I think the example even mentioned Adobe.

The point was that they said that the higher price was due to translation, and that German customers were NOT allowed to use the much cheaper English-language versions of the software !

The author of the article argued (at least that's how I have in my memory) that even plus the costs for translations the price shouldn't be *that* high. He then stated the (rather cynical, imho) guess that Europeans get those higher prices simply because they are used to it and kind of support the original English-language versions (which he implicitely expressed with that to be rather under-priced) of the software.

From a today's perspective I'd say that this article was just a product out of pure frustration, maybe, but at least I can see why, because I often feel so frustrated about it myself.

The German economy seems to also o into this direction: "We put our prices high, because Germans are used to pay high prices nevertheless. So we can have much more profits." (Imaginary comment of an imaginary manager. )

A few days ago I read about a small software company sellkiing their software only in Euros right now, because the Dollar is so "weak", so to say.
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