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January 14th, 2008, 01:46
It seems Space Siege is the only "RPG" getting a big reveal at CES because there are plenty of previews for Gas Powered's upcoming action title but nothing else. Anyway, now it's Joystiq's turn:
Even in pre-alpha state, Space Siege is already exactly what you'd expect. Instead of a hard-jawed warrior wading through waste-deep goblin blood with sword clenched, the protagonist is a hard-jawed space marine wading through waste-deep alien blood with a big gun clenched in his hands. There isn't a lot of game to actually play on the CES show floor, but what there is reminds us of how much fun it is to mindlessly click creatures to death. Despite the similar-sounding nature of the game, there were actually a number of changes to the formula on display; enough that we think some folks are going to be surprised. […]
The developers are also trying hard to switch up another standard of the RPG genre: the confining of the 'story' part of the game to NPC towns. Instead of "action in the field, story in the city," Gas Powered is attempting to weave story elements into the combat-heavy areas of the game. "This is just like a movie, where the story and the action is taking place simultaneously."
Just like a movie, huh?
More information.
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