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January 15th, 2008, 04:08
Alan Miranda - Ossian Studios CEO-

New monsters?
So boasting "loads of new monsters" translates to 5 eh? I'd consider that, a few new monsters, hardly loads.
I’m not sure where the “loads of new monsters” quote is from, but it wasn’t from Ossian Studios, I assure you. There’ll be 4 new monsters in MoW. As this was our first NWN2 game, we wanted to make sure we didn’t try to bite off more than we could chew with regard to creating new art content, so we kept the art scope smaller (and it was also Atari’s request that we do that). This won’t necessarily be true for our following games. Unfortunately, I can confirm that the gelatinous cube is not one of the creatures in MoW. However, we have definitely made a note of several of the monsters people of have mentioned here. Who knows – you might encounter our jellied friend in the future.
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