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January 17th, 2008, 08:02
Ahh, no one has thoughts on the clone, time traveling theories?

Well afai have heard, according to the books Teleportation is a reactionary response, out of some trauma or tragedy, i.e Alvin was terrified.

Secondly there seems to be no real benefit to the theory of Teleporting, i.e. if the GM was Alvin why send a clone back in time, when he could go himself.

Most importantly if he could do this why not just create an army of himself, a Source powered army instead of using all these lesser beings whom have the doubts and emotions he feels is necessary to genetically modify out of human beings so he can save them?

Lastly, just the fact that all untrained Source children are given these amulets and some like Alvin can clearly Teleport which iirc was talked about in the game. While Time Travel is a rare existence nor was it ever a topic in the game. So it would be a rather cheep Deus Ex for the developers to say; haha Alvin can Time Travel so the whole first game really didn't happen it was only one possible future and really only happened in someones head.
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