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January 17th, 2008, 08:14
IIRC pure Monster dungeons respawned upon re-entry of the cell, while vampire caves and dungeons with humanoid NPC monsters didnt. And as stated level scaling didnt apply to unique named enemies.

The differences compared to Oblivion are largely matters of tuning, except for a few things:

Monsters themselves werent scaled, so a rat is always a rat with the same stats in MW, while in Oblivion the rat's abilities will vary.
MW:s NPCs had fixed levels and equipment, making some places very hazardous at a low level.
Scaling in (vanilla at least) MW is done by replacing one critter with a tougher type (notice how netches start appearing when you reach level 8 or so), but the different regions have different scaling caps. You will for instance never face Golden Saints in the starting area no matter how high your level is.

Loot from chests, merchant inventories, and the like were completely level scaled though. And with the add-ons some enemies (Dark brotherhood assassins) have scaled loot.

You cant really compare MW to Daggerfall. IMHO it, for better or worse, represented a paradigm shift towards making the game more accessible. Oblivion is OTOH a pretty natural evolution of MW.
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