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January 17th, 2008, 09:40
The biggest difference to me, personally, and why I enjoyed MW a lot more than Oblivion, were the factions. The factions in Morrowind are very well done, and involve quite a few quests where you need real dedication to a specific faction, instead of being able to lead all factions in the end.

I enjoy that kind of "ambitious roleplay", where gaining ranks and reputation is involved, but not when there's no real reward, no real challenge, and no real choices along the way (like in Oblivion). Getting to the top of the Imperial faction in Morrowind, for example, is a very tough climb, but also very rewarding in the end.

Edit: Thought I should mention this - these days I almost exclusively do faction based quests, with the factions I intend to go all the way with. For a new player, that is not adviced (you might want to learn more about the factions first), but if you are even remotely fighter-ish, I recommend trying to do a few quests with the Imperial faction, as you'll get some very nice quest rewards, and a feeling of "getting involved".
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