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January 17th, 2008, 12:25
EDIT: I also prefer to stick with one or two factions that blend together well, but I would have preferred if Bethesda had coded them to be mutually exclusive to some extent (though I am aware that this would have been against the design decisions for all the TES games). Some of the possible combinations dont really make sense. But if you restrain yourself and stick with a few factions per character the game has very good replay value for an RPG, and there are enough quests in it for it to feel like a full game even when skipping some of the factions To me that was the biggest letdown in Oblivion, the reduction of the number of quests and factions.

Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
Dungeons, caves, and buildings did not respawn monsters period.

At least I never saw it happen, and I logged in well over a 100 hours in Morrowind.
I have played it for hundreds of hours as well, and I am quite sure that either you are wrong or we define dungeon differently. Granted one usually doesnt visit caves more than once in the game, but I have a distinct memory of a sixth house base that is part both of the teleporter index- and the fighters guild questlines.

A quick test with my old saves confirm that "some" dungeons do respawn, so we might both be right

The Vivec foreign quarter underworks' rats respawns once you've disposed of the corpses.
The bandit cave outside Seyda Neen doesnt respawn.
Andrano ancestral tomb (part of the main quest?) doesnt either.
Tharys ancestral tomb outside Balmora (on the way to the egg mine) respawns.

I recall egg mines and the lower part of the arktangband (?, the dwemer dungeon in the main quest) respawning too, but dont have the time nor the inclination to verify this.
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