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January 17th, 2008, 20:18
Ah, the ending… reminded me of that from "The Shadow and the Flame", as well as Wells' "Time Machine".

To me it is pretty sure that the GM is Alvin himself (noting more, nothing less) who teleported into the past when we last saw him in Murky Waters.

The more interesting questions are whether the entire story about the prophecy coming true was
a) made up to psych Geralt out
b) true to the GM because of his visions, but not certain
c) really the future, which he visited

While a) is the common "bad mind-bending mage" choice, it is not too consistent with Alvin.
I have no doubt that he was really convinced. Magic is described to drive some people mad, and having those visions from childhood certainly affected him. His choice of a "solution" was -from our point of view- an immoral one and worthy of being opposed. But was he evil? Is it the Witcher himself who is to blame, because he told him to use his gift for what he thinks is good? Was killing him nothing but a regrettable, yet necessary move?
What if he really HAD seen the future, because he learned to time-travel at will? (He does talk about "being in the right place at the right time") What if it WAS the best solution? To what point does a moral choice in the present outweigh greater sacrifices in the future?

Again, it all comes down to very personal judgement.
- Which is why I found the "monster sword" ending a little too biased. They should have left this choice to the players… maybe even to side with him.
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