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January 23rd, 2008, 23:38
Don't know if this is exactly your point, Squeek, but I agree that different types of characters should feel different to play, and use different approaches, and they should be realistic to the specific character type.

I'd also like to feel differently playing a thief, have different choices and different responses than a paladin. I think the rules-set the game follows determines how far you can go here. Purely mechanically, I'd like to see situations where my primary skillset was appropriate, and others where I had to avoid an encounter and pursue it another way, because a shot of well-implemented realism is as good as a jug of conventional imagination for identifying you with your character.

For example, one of the things I dislike is to play a master archer, but have to put thirty arrows into something before it falls. I can understand that even a Legolas might occasionally miss a target, but nothing should be able to walk up and kill me after I've put a woodpile's worth of shafts through it unless it's a dragon. Meanwhile, the apprentice wizard is roasting twenty goblins with a level 3 fireball spell. A little realism done right adds a layer of challenge and reigns in your boredom at another predictable encounter also.
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