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November 9th, 2006, 12:14
Originally Posted by Arhu
Odd. I'm inclined to think this is an IE problem, as it's working fine in Firefox. Are you using the WYSIWYG editor? At the top right of the editor window there's a button "A/A" that lets you switch the editor mode. When using the normal editor, IE shows cut/copy/paste as it should, but not in wysiwyg mode.

So, it's either a bug in IE or a bug in vBulletin.

Workaround: don't use WYSIWYG mode or use CTRL-C, CTRL-X or CTRL-V to copy, cut or paste text.
Yes I was using the WYSIWYG editor and as you described that's the cause of the problem. However if I switch off wysiwyg using the "A/A" button the text I type appears as very light grey against the white background, almost not visible.

Using the Keyboard commands solves the problem.
For shame I should have thought of that; no excuse other than that us older folk, well we sometimes suffer the odd brain-fart.

Thanks for the help
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