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January 24th, 2008, 09:08
I was thinking more about Prime Junta's Fallout example. A quick fix for the excessive clicks could be making the enemy's target zones clickable from the original combat screen rather than bringing up a separate interface (even though the PIP boy targeting had a cool look).

This may be redundant on the party comments, but I was thinking about how Might & Magic III (and IV and V) did a good job of letting you barrel through combat at your own pace. You could spend time thinking with your casters or you could just set a default spell and use that on the fly. However, those and first-person party games still kind of function as a single character with multiple personalities.

When characters can move independently of each other, party systems get more interesting. I actually liked the old Ultimas' style for this (III, IV, and V). Move and attack were your basic options with different options for the attack. Even fleeing combat was executed by physically moving characters out of the battlefield. Comparing this to the Japanese-style tactics games, its no contest for which one I enjoy more. The speed of the computer's moves in Final Fantasy Tactics was crippling boredom for me. Even my own moves require 4+ button presses for the simplest actions.
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