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January 25th, 2008, 11:11
I'm the kind of person who quickly grows very tired of this kind of "humorous" thing if it isn't spiced up or surprises me now and again. I was highly amused by his first couple of "reviews", but after a while I realized that it was very much style over substance. His Bioshock thing was pretty good and I agreed with that for the most part, but after having watched a few more and culminating with this Witcher review, I find that his intention is not to be objective but to be entertaining. That's when I lose interest.

For the record, I'm not a big fan of the game (not yet anyway - in Chapter 2 still) but most of his complaints were related to what I consider fully accepted and established standards in the hardcore RPG genre. The combat system is not great, I will agree, and the monster research is a bit silly - though such a thing is quite common in the genre and hardly a big deal. However, the overall fidelity of the interface and wealth of information available in the journal are very much positive things from where I'm sitting.

He constantly whines about the console influences we see everywhere - which I fully agree with - but to then go on and whine when a game DOES cater to the minority, and stays true in terms of target audience (i.e. doesn't compromise for money), is really not a wise move if you want respect as a reviewer. Since he seems a reasonably smart person, I can only assume he doesn't want to be respected as an objective reviewer and I shall oblige him in that regard.




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