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January 25th, 2008, 16:05
I haven't been satisfied with a space combat sim since the Independance War series, so forgive me for being skeptical. I hope this is finally the game, but I noticed holes all over there FAQ thread. Just a small for instance: They said their "…flight physics were influenced by Freelancer, …, and X3, so it will be more simulation feel rather than arcade…" Well, I hate to lay it on them, but those games had arcade style flight, so I expect nothing different from this one. Flight physics are a really big deal for me. I spent full price on Darkstar One and only played it for 30 minutes because of that.

Still, I'll try to say something positive - The screens are pretty and the worlds look really cool. I would like to explore scenery like that. And the character and ship development possibilities sound pretty good too.
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