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January 25th, 2008, 23:38
Originally Posted by Brother None View Post
Is it?

I doubt it, they're just validating the stupidity by replying to it. Amazon rankings won't change a thing,
Maybe you aren't familiar with the (1) history of new media in the U.S. or (2) the history of Fox NEWS.

1) Means that video games are fighting an uphill battle not to have the shit regulated out of them.

2) Means that morons will eat the news reports up, write letters to their representatives and cause 1 to become impossible rather than merely uphill.

At this stage, the battle is best fought in the public eye rather than the courtroom. If we can't convince the masses that video games won't turn our children into fornicating murders any more than literacy, the printing press, electricity, college, radio, movies, jazz, tv, comic books, rock-n-roll, roleplaying games, rap, or text messaging, then the industry is screwed until something else comes along for parents to blame their own failures on.




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