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January 26th, 2008, 01:09
Originally Posted by obediahJKWCM8 View Post
At this stage, the battle is best fought in the public eye rather than the courtroom. If we can't convince the masses that video games won't turn our children into fornicating murders any more than literacy, the printing press, electricity, college, radio, movies, jazz, tv, comic books, rock-n-roll, roleplaying games, rap, or text messaging, then the industry is screwed until something else comes along for parents to blame their own failures on.
Well, believe it or not, these kind of PR battles have never been won by validating loud-mouths by addressing them directly. All that nonsense around that woman's book? That's just going to strengthen her position. Fox? Fox has always thrived on those it condemns calling it stupid. To Fox viewers (not all of them, obviously), someone responding just makes him look guilty. It's very Catch-22.

I know it sounds contra-intuitive and all, but when someone is shouting something very obviously stupid the way to go is never to respond to that person. Respond *around* that person, but never *to* him/her. Addressing Fox directly isn't going to do nothing for no one.

I'm fairly sure EA knows all this. And let's be honest here, we shouldn't start suspecting EA of having noble motives, should we?

Besides, if you're right, and you might well be, and this is supposed to be a purely public-eye thing, why not also sue? I know it doesn't help cases to discuss them publicly, but let's be honest here, this is such a clear case of slander that a court would have to be nuts not to put EA in the right.

Then again, I'm European, and not always completely in tune with American…ehm…sensibilities.
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