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January 26th, 2008, 01:46
Originally Posted by Jabberwocky View Post
Well, I hate to lay it on them, but those games had arcade style flight, so I expect nothing different from this one.
I fear that the days of Newtonian-physics space sims may have passed, and I lament it greatly. The IWars and Terminus were the most recent examples I can remember of realistic flight physics (excluding the sim Orbiter) and they were really special to me.

I remember reading in one of the Battlecruiser forums where someone said (and I paraphrase) "by this point in the future, people will have solved the problem of Newtonian physics". Even if we ignore the flight of fancy element, I had to ask "Why would you want to?" In space combat, a person restricted to atmospheric-style flight is going to be swatted down instantly by a person with more complete control of his spacecraft.

While I won't argue that it takes more experience to fly this way, where you have to control not only pitch, yaw and roll but also the ability to translate in any direction and where all that really matters is your relation to other objects. Once you've mastered it, it just is so much darn fun. And while it can be tedious for some routine tasks, flight-assist models like in Terminus make it possible to enjoy some of the conveniences of atmospheric flight without breaking with realism.

That said, I've resigned myself to just enjoying the few space sim games we get as it is. I'm still psyched about Precursors, particularly with its RPG elements, and look forward to the continuing X series as well.
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