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January 26th, 2008, 18:39
Funny how a while ago we were only hearing about Liberals/left-wing/Democrats complaining about video games (Jack Thompson, Hilary Clinton, bla bla), and now it's conservatives/right-wing/Republicans. The former want to control the media due to their nanny-government mentality, and the latter due to their hyper-Christian values mentality. Man, I hate party politics. Both sides just call the other idiots, and both of them are right in this regard. They're just zealots.

And as Brother None already said, there's no arguing with zealots. Their minds are already made up, and they just ignore facts. The fanatics who watch these kinds of shows only hear what they want to hear, and when arguments come up, they only shake their heads in disapproval and wonder just how a person could come to be so wrong. Then more and more of them hear about the issue and it gains momentum and importance until it reaches the White House. Then we're in trouble.

What amuses me is that no one will even do enough research to bring up the fact that BioWare's previous game, Jade Empire, offered FIVE different realtionship options: guy/girl, girl/guy, girl/girl, guy/guy, and guy/girl/girl (threesome, baby!). I guess no one cares since they didn't flash a booty about three seconds.

What a world.
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