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November 9th, 2006, 15:36
Originally Posted by txa1265 View Post
I funfamentally disagree with this. Should Oblivion be marked down for not having turn-based combat? Should Battlefield 2142 be marked down for not having a story? Should FEAR be marked down because you shoot stuff? These are all fundamental design choices, and you should be grading the implementation, not the choice - I actually like that you state your personal prejudice on page 1. And in general you keep it separate from your thoughtful evaluation of the game.
All valid points, if a bit extreme, but in NWN 2's case I took into consideration the fact that since the game is focused on the storyline, atmosphere is also very important, but when you hit a brick wall every time you try to deviate slightly from the paths set to you by the producers it's kind of dissapointing. As I said, I didn't expect something to rival the worlds of Gothic or The Elder Scrolls, but at least try and convince me that this is a living world, not a puppet theatre.
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