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January 27th, 2008, 17:24
Originally Posted by Loki Hades View Post
It'll be like Oblivion, but using their Smart aiming system (forgot what its called) you can tactically pre-aim and link your shots for deadly combos, if the enemies can do the same, this game is going to be deadly fun, and it has all the gore… I hope it can live up to the first game.
Enemies can't do the same. The VATS feature (that's what it's called) is only available to those with a PIPboy3000, so, no, it's a super power only for the player. Besides, it wouldn't really matter. VATS is an interface, not a rule. Enemies can aim at your head or legs and stuff. That's what's FATS's for: to aim and shoot, only in slow mo.
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