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February 1st, 2008, 17:23
Ok, here are a few points addressed in the PC Action preview of Drakensang. I don't know what is already known, so I just post everything I think is interesting.

Warning: Potential spoilers!

  • You don't have to know the first three DSA games to enjoy Drakensang
  • The preview version they played at the developers Berlin studio was 80% complete.
  • In the beginning your character travels to the capital Ferdok to meet with an old friend called Ardo. But he is missing and after a few inquiries you find out that there have been several murders in Ferdok and that your friend is somehow involved.
  • Later on the player will learn that Ardo is dead and stumble across a big conspiracy.
  • You may play elves, dwarfes and humans
  • You do not need to understand the pnp system to play the game.
  • There won't be day/night cycles
  • You walk from one area into another by using a map (like BG oder NWN2 I think)
  • There will be 50 locations, all about 1km^2
  • There are random encounters
  • The game looks and feels like a BG
  • Six person party: Four heroes, one guest and a summoned creature
  • You may 'store' your characters in one location and they level even if you are not using them (see NWN2 or Kotor)
  • you may pause combat at any time
  • There are 40 spells
  • Some of them have been modified (for example the 'five-minutes' spells)
  • You can hurt your own party members if you are not careful enough
  • Not all dialogues will be synchronized
  • There will be only on ending but a few ways to get there
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