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February 2nd, 2008, 02:59
Well, it's not just the Codex crowd. Have you seen the reaction at RPS?

"Best. Interview. Ever. Seriously, that’s some fantastically unrepressed Speakers’ Corner craziness in there. “Weller” has obviously put so much of himself into this thing that he’s beyond rationality.
And now I’m going to buy his game. Obsession should be rewarded."

"He’s brilliant. FACT.
Can we keep him please, Mummy RPS? I promise to feed him and not let him crap on the comments thread.
Regardless of wrongness or otherwise, I always admire somebody who finds things to get fired about."

"Good to see a candid interview. While I don’t agree with all the points, it’s always nice to see some honesty."

"That segued into a wonderfully refreshing blast of invective; like a spearmint tornado to the face. The existence of an ever-widening niche for games containing nuanced choices and consequences (yawning chasm by now, though, I think) can’t be in doubt."

"I think this Weller geezer is a gem. I like these outspoken designers. At least they’re not just knocking out games to put big numbers on graphs that the suits can feel proud of. I’ll take Romeros over the alternative any day.
Face it, Mr/Mrs RPS. You love interviews like this! What’s more boring than a dev replying with 1 line stock answers? what’s more exciting than a rabid, angry game-dev? They’re Gold. Pure Gold!"

"That was… great. Just great.

Granted, he lost some of my sympathy when he told me that I wasn’t, in fact, a person but rather three retards stapled together. Still, that’s not so different from what I got in public school.
I only wish that a major game developer would come unhinged like that during an interview. Good show keeping your head about you, Kieron.
Definitely buying the game now."

I'm surprised at such a positive reaction but I guess everyone *is* tired of all the vanilla PR crap and people are ready for and interested in something different.
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