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February 2nd, 2008, 18:08
Originally Posted by Lucky Day View Post
@RC and Jaz - After running one of the top servers on NWN for years I believe the article failed to miss the importance of this game. No other product tried to emulate the PnP experience on computer as much as NWN did. Unfortunately, the idea was completely missed by the casual computer gamer and their
The product may have tried to emulate the experience, but it didn't get it across. At least not for me. I've been an avid - not to say rabid - pnp gamer since '82, still DMing on a regular base (if less frequent nowadays than back then)… but NWN captured none of the roleplaying game feeling, neither in its very boring SP campaign nor in any of the MP modules I took part in either as a player or a DM. While it may be somewhat entertaining to watch players enter your traps, it's much more fun when you can see their faces. The player experience was even blander, mainly due to the point of view. I just don't feel like I was part of a party when all I can do is watch myself and the others from above - iso view hardly ever managed to suck me in. Hexen (and Doom and… name any shooter you like), for that matter, was (and still is) a much more personal experience due to its first person view. It has nothing to do with not-so-shiny graphics… it's not the level of eye candy, t's the point of view that ultimately makes or breaks the intimate impact of a game on me.

So, IMO, if game designers want to simulate role playing on machines, they should forget all about D&D and try to create a very personal role-playing experience by any means they have available. I'm still waiting for 'real' VR (think 'holodeck').
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