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February 2nd, 2008, 19:28
Okay, what Dhruin said then.

I just have difficulty seeing the difference between what Ed Del Castillo is describing and a plain ol' generic run-of-the-mill action game. It's pure marketing claptrap to try and position his game as "superior," and to try and win over the larger action-game fanbase to try RPGs - who typically regard the genre with the same enthusiasm as a math test.

I do "get it" - I mean, many of my favorite CRPGs (which include Ultima VII, Ultima Underworld, and the Elder Scrolls games) lean in the direction of this philosophy. And the abstractions required to make a good human-playable, human-moderated RPG do NOT translate to making a good video game. That's fine.

But a lot of what I keep hearing from these mainstream RPG designers is removing the essence that really scratches the RPG itch for me. It feels like the opposite of evolution to me --- it's crawling back to the very large pool of homogenization.
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