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February 3rd, 2008, 02:41
A fun read. A pleasant change from the usual dev interview that just bounces from point to point, blandishment to blandishment.

I didn't like Gillen's early peripheral questions though. Seemed a bit of a waste of time and column inches, shooting off on a music analogy.
"Is doing this and your job like being a split personality or being like a secret agent?"
"No. It's like doing two different things, at different times."
"Is making this game like making music because you have to?"
"No. It's like making a game that could be successful."
"OK, is it like making a game for you to play?"
Seemed a bit silly to pursue, after the first couple of "grounded" responses.

I was surprised, reading the comments, that the real-time throne is so zealously guarded. Rather than greet it as "Hmm, that's a change. A bit of variety.", much consternation. Maybe that's just down to VD's spicy words.
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