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February 4th, 2008, 01:51
Originally Posted by RampantCoyote View Post
Well, it garnered attention, so at least there's that. Since the biggest problem indie games have is getting noticed at ALL, the net effect should be pretty positive for AoD. Maybe. I don't know these things half as well as I'd like. According to the interview, he actually IS a VP or marketing and sales for a well-known Canadian company… so going on the offense during the interview like that may have been a very calculated move.
Well, VD has written all his content for the Codex and posted there in the same "offensive" style for years now so the only possible calculation on his side I can see is, that he decided not to change just to promote his game. Hardly a bad thing and judging by the comments it seems to work. Finally something different than the usual PR bullshit from a game developer. He just has to take care that he doesn't overdo it or he might end with a reputation like Derek Smart.
Originally Posted by magerette
I'm so tired of marketing hype, marketing slang, marketing priorities and general marketing BS that it tends to have the opposite effect on me. (Jaded is the word I'm looking for here.) I can't even read through a whole press release from any AAA title company without wanting to turn off my computer and learn to cross-stitch.
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