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February 5th, 2008, 16:38
Originally Posted by Prime Junta View Post
Seems to me there's a lot of overlap between some of these categories, in particular the "story-driven" and the "classic" varieties. MotB, Bloodlines, The Witcher, and BG could be filed just as well in either box IMO (as indeed Vince does with MotB).
Not sure if The Witcher belongs in the "classic" category. It's too story-driven (read "too restrictive") to be a "choices & consequences" game. BG definitely doesn't belong there as there are no meaningful choices there at all. In BG2 you are given an option to side with the thieves or the vampires, much like in NWN2 you can side with the thieves or the city watch, but the rest of those games are as linear as adventure games.

Originally Posted by txa1265
I think there is going to naturally be *tremendous* overlap … I mean, look at Divine Divinity - clearly action-RPG, but with massive dungeon crawls, loads of story and character development and so on. That is fine - more is better.
I disagree. Any RPG has some kind of story, dungeons, etc. Overall, DD is an action RPG with loads of quests.
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