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February 5th, 2008, 17:23
ToEE is simply the best fantasy turn-based combat game in existence. If you go into it looking for a deep RPG experience (even though it's better than alot of crap claiming to be an RPG…Hellgate London, etc) you will of course be disappointed.

But it more than delivers on what EVERYBODY by now knows it to be. Keep on the Borderlands is the perfect module choice for this engine. It's pretty much all combat all the time…what story? I don't even remember a story for Keep on the Borderlands (and it was the first PnP D&D module I ever played).

If you played the original ToEE and are STILL expecting it to miraculously become Fallout or Planescape: Torment…then I guess you're a hammerhead. A fantasy based Jagged Alliance 2? Yep (although less story, not that there was much in JA2 anyway).

Oh, also, I sure wish they'd put this thing up on something other than Filefront (moddb just links to filefront). It won't let me use my download manager (getright) and since I'm on dial-up (shut up, I have no choice) that means I won't be playing this unless I find a solution. If anyone has a download manager that filefront plays nice with please let me know.
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