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February 5th, 2008, 17:59
Originally Posted by KazikluBey View Post
The sahuagin city? The underdark? You can go straight, double or triple cross there… There are some other quests as well.
Bio design: do exactly the same things, usually in exactly the same way (you progress by killing things in BG2; there are no class-specific solutions), then talk to the questgivers and decide what answer to give them. One may say that Bio games let you role-play different personalities, but the way I look at it, if I were to replay BG2, I would follow exactly the same path and will do exactly the same things but will be able to pick different, but meaningless dialogue options.

In the Sahuagin City:

You can't leave until you kill the king or the prince. So instead of an interesting situation it turns into "which NPC I kill to get out of here". Regardless of your choices you still get ambushed in the middle of the city, still have to fight your way to the prince, even if you agree to negotiate, still have to fight in the end to leave the city.

From a walkthrough:

"You are brought before their King, who soon enough asks you whether you are the surfacers of prophecy. It doesn't matter what you say as they think the same thing of you in any case. Accept their challenge to fight one of their slaves.

The King wishes the Rebels to be exterminated, while the priestess who sponsored you wishes them to be negotiated with. Agree to the King's demands to bring back the heart of the Rebel Prince to him.

Don't worry about killing the rebels on the way there, they're insignificant. (i.e. even if you decide to side with the rebels and have that "I'm a rebel sympathizer" orb, you still have to fight your way through to the prince)"

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