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February 5th, 2008, 18:52
Originally Posted by VDweller View Post
The Witcher: You need to get into the city. The only way is through that Reverend character who wants you to do things for 3 people: kill 2 plants for one, kill ghouls for the other, and kill drowners for the third. Once that's done, you kill the bandits who now appear in the village, then deal with the witch, then kill the beast and only then you can enter the city. Then you get arrested, thrown to jail and the only way out is to kill another beast.

Bloodlines at less restrictive and lets you do things in different ways. Playing the Witcher you feel like you're playing a book. A good book, granted, but a book nonetheless. In Bloodlines you are just trying to survive and find your place in the vampires world. I mean, what is the story?
I thought Bloodlines was pretty tight in the story department -- it all revolved around that sarcophagus everyone was after. It had boxed-in "chapters" with set mission goals that you had to solve in order to progress; there were frequent choke points where you were funneled through specific events or locations in a specific order, even if sometimes (but not always) you had some choice with regards to tactics.

Examples: "get the explosives," "sort out the ghost," "blow up the warehouse," "check out the sarcophagus on the ship," "check out the museum" etc. etc. Linear, pre-scripted quests that you had no choice about accepting or not accepting, and with predetermined outcomes: if you succeed, you continue the game, if you fail, you die (or reload).

Yup, Witcher felt like a book, but Bloodlines felt like a TV series. A very *good* TV series, to be sure, but IMO it was as story-driven as they come.
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