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February 6th, 2008, 07:00
I, for one, like the choice. It plays to ToEE's strengths and away from its weaknesses. While, technically, you could put a whole lot of dialogue trees and quests in there, why? Why weigh down a first rate combat experience with a mediocre story engine? Plus, I'd guess that most of the fans still keeping an eye on this mod have a warm place in their heart for ToEE primarily because of it's combat engine. Give the people more of what they like, I say! Lastly, if you're going to pour a crapload of your time into this for free, why not take a shot with a module that has a great chance to pay off the most given the engine they are working with? Why struggle to mod in some deep and touching story and spend lots of time making sure complex quest-lines don't break when you've got tons of great combat lying around begging to be included? Sounds like they made a smart choice, to me…
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