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February 6th, 2008, 19:24
Originally Posted by Dhruin View Post
To go beyond just a great combat experience. Last time we discussed readers' favourite RPG element, combat was well down the list.
Understood. And, point taken. However, I was trying to make the point that I think that would be a poor use of resources. Let me try a lame analogy: suppose you have an old, beat-up sports car. You've decided to restore and modify it some on your free time. There is a limit to how long you're going to work on it and how much time you're going to put into it. You will eventually want to move on to something else as a hobby. Given that, would you spend a good chunk of your time trying to convert it to a half-pickup truck (think El Camino) so that you could end up with a semi-fast car that can carry a light load as well? Or would you focus your limited resources on restoring the sports car to it's former, fast and furious glory while improving on it a bit? So that you end up with a really bitchin', classic car with a few cool sports car oriented mods?

@Dark: I'm not aware of any new features list. They've mentioned and show screen shots of such things as new spells, skills, feats, monsters and items. Don't know that they'll be adding anything you could strictly call a "feature".
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