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February 7th, 2008, 16:59
Hiya txa1265,

Nice roundup and mini-reviews/review/outlook of upcoming handheld RPGs, SRPGs, and Strategy games as usual.

I must say, since this is the first one in which I can directly comment on the content, since I now own a DS Lite, and have Orcs & Elves. I think that you were too lenient on it's score. It's really a REALLY basic dungeon crawl with very LIMITED RPG features. As a matter of fact, I'd be much happier labelling it a turn based action adventure that has a helluvalot more in common with the like of Heretic and Hexen than any RPG. Graphically it looks alot like the Doom engine IMO, pixelation and all. Add to this the brevity of the game itself, I finished it(ALL of it) in c. 4.5h. Even at $20, I find the price to be high for such a short game with zero replay value, and would think it to be worthwhile in a $10-15 range, with heavy weighting towards $10.

I give it a 6/10 myself. Nice try, but you need to put more effort into something that has more capabilities than a phone, rather than a quick port with a little extra content. (Apparently the Mazes of Fate guys figured this out before releasing their game…)

Thinking about picking up a PSP later int he year, if only to put on a custom firmware and play all of my old PSX games on it. I've got just about every RPG/SRPG that came out in the US for the PSX, most of the strategy games, couple of sports and action games as well. Not to mention that the PSP also has enough horsepower to do real justice to a goo dnumber of other console emulators.

One question for someone about the PSP: is the screen a touch screen? (I haven't dug for this really hard, but I've found no mention one way or the other on it, and am currently inclined to believe that it is NOT a touch screen.)
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