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February 8th, 2008, 01:22
I don't think the $5 price point for this DLC is too far off - smaller quantities are always going to be more expensive than the bulk purchase. You can't expect a strictly linear cost comparison with the amount of hours you got in the full game.

My problem is that 90 minutes still isn't enough of an addition to the game that I would want to play it through again just to see it. I would want a far bigger return of new content to make myself play though ME again this soon after finishing it twice already.

This is why expansions work for me - they usually come out some months after I put the game aside, with so much extra stuff that the expanded playthrough is almost a new experience. I can't get that from DLC - the timing's all wrong and the payoff simply isn't enough. The only way I can see it working for me is holding off until a bundle of DLC is available (hopefully for a discounted price) and then try to treat it more like an expansion. Otherwise the new content will be drowned out by the boredom of playing what is essentially exactly the same game, yet again - apart from those one or two hours.

And before someone mentions it, no I wouldn't use an old save just to get access to the DLC quest - it's the complete character arc or nothing. That's just the way I play.
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