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February 12th, 2008, 13:32
Originally Posted by magerette View Post
1UP has posted an article responding to Kay Hymowitz' opinion piece in the Dallas News, The Child Man, which asserts that today's young men live in a state of 'hormonal limbo' between adolescence and adulthood, and video games are part of the syndrome.
You know, I don't want to respond to the main article. However, you mentioned another article, which used Kay's original as an excuse to stand on a soapbox and complain about men even louder. In it, author Kate Muir basically dismisses a broad range of games and leisure activities as infantile, then bemoans:
Perhaps there’s nothing to complain of about this man-teen era, unless you’re a woman with a ticking biological clock, waiting for someone – anyone – to grow up.
Now this I want to respond to. And I don't want to respond with studies proving her notions are ill-conceived, nor do I wish to engage in a point by point rebuttal. Instead, I want to respond on an emotional level. And it is to say this. If you're going to diminish, demean, and derisively reject the things I enjoy doing, maybe THAT is why you're still sitting there with a "ticking biological clock." I mean seriously, Kay and Kate are playing this drama up as if men are shirking their very manhood. But maybe men are just shirking women like Kay and Kate, who come off as harsh, unbending, and derogatory. Who wants to marry that?
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