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February 13th, 2008, 00:43
OK, I have now read the (very boring) German text. (not that Germans are boring, not at all --- but the legal text in this case is…). I can read German, but my German seem to be a bit rusty, because I don't understands much of it at all.

'unsittlichkeit' can be translated to 'indecency' in English, I think. Basically, this means that the Germans now can do the same as the Americans do e.g. remove full frontal nudity. (at leat that would be me take on this…)


The big problem I'm having with this is simply that the USK slaps an 18+ on the game, which means that it can only be sold to people over the age or 18 or older in Germany. And then they remove some content in the game that the creators of the game originally had envisioned to be i the game - out of fear that children might see this content when the game should only be bought by people over 18 in the first place…

Something's don't compute right, me thinks…
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