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November 10th, 2006, 09:20
@Khass: you're right about the Chicago Bulls! That took a long time before anybody here recognized it. No big basketball afficianados here probably. I was a devout NBA follower when Michael Jordan was member of the Bulls. Nowadays I have a more passing interest in the NBA, it lost it's appeal to me a bit when he quit. How I came upon this avatar is actually a strange and not that interesting of a story, but I will tell it anyway since you guessed right . I was in New Zealand a couple of years ago and I think we were in Dunedin when we passed a bar that had this neon sign outside. It was called the "oxen bar" or something like that. I offcourse instantly recognized the Chicago Bull and took a photograph. Sadly we were in a hurry so I didn't go in to ask how this sign came to be. I would have liked to know what the story was behind it. And I think it was not even a sports bar or anything like that. That's all that is to that, no deeper religious meaning although friends have accused me in the past of erecting a Michael Jordan temple in my appartment. If putting up 2 posters of him and having a small cardboard figure on top of the book shelves is enough to call it a temple….they think sports posters is something for teenagers but I think some of them have somewhat of an art quality through the sheer athleticism that is displayed. I have this one for example: . I think that is beautiful to look at. I can't do on court what he can, but I can just imagine how that would feel like, floating through air with the greatest of ease. But I'll stop gushing about him right here, lest it grows tiresome

About your avatar: it looks like you just read one of Viking_Berserker's more "diplomatic" posts Offcourse this is your sensitive inner child, all stressed out by you playing way too much violent FPS and stickin' another big sword in the gut of a helpless RPG monster (who really was a nice person if you would have taken the time to get to know him. Did you know he grew up without his mother? She was killed too by an adventurer like yourself….)
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