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February 15th, 2008, 06:35
Originally Posted by zakhal View Post
600,000 is still only poor/average sales when compared to console games that can sell up to multiple millions?

1. 360 Halo 3 -- 4.82 million
2. Wii Play -- 4.12 million
3. 360 Call of Duty 4 -- 3.04 million
4. PS2 Guitar Hero III -- 2.72 million
5. Wii Super Mario Galaxy -- 2.52 million
6. NDS Pokemon Diamond -- 2.48 million
7. PS2 Madden NFL 08 -- 1.90 million
8. PS2 Guitar Hero II -- 1.89 million
9. 360 Assassin's Creed -- 1.87 million
10. Wii Mario Party 8 -- 1.82 million

Assasins creed - a game that is all about flashy graphics - on 360 sold three times more (and those are just US sales numbers) on a shorter period of time than witcher.

Some RPGs that have sold millions:

Final Fantasy X (6.6 million)
Kingdom Hearts (4.29 million approximately,
Final Fantasy XII (4.1 million approximately
Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King (3.6 million in Japan
Final Fantasy X-2 (3 million)
Final Fantasy VII (PS1 – 9.8 million,

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (1.49 million in US)[15]

Computer role-playing game – Diablo II (4 million)

Best selling rpg:
Pokémon Red, Blue, and Green (Game Boy – 20.08 million approximately, 10.23 million in Japan,[35] 9.85 million in US)[15]

Best selling rpg franchises:
-Final Fantasy (80 million)
-The Legend of Zelda (52 million)

Isn't your comparison very off?

Your comparing games with various time since they were first on sale. Oblivion has been on sale since march 2006. Diablo has been on sale since 2000.

The point of the anouncement was that 600.000 copies for sold for in the first quarter is very good. Especially considering Atari is the publisher.

In comparison Overlord (2007) was released 4 months prior to The Witcher and has generated sales of 800.000. Those numbers are considered good enough for a sequel. And by the way, Overlord was multiplatform (PC/Xbox360), but The Witcher seems to have outsold them (600.000 for 4 months vs 800.000 for 8 months of sales).

If we're comparing the Xbox 360 sales of Oblivion to the PC sales of The Witcher I still see that The Witcher has done good.




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