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February 19th, 2008, 00:18
Sounded like a Queensryche cover band to me at first.

I finally put my finger on that sound in the instrumental section of "Dark Halls"--Speak & Spell / Broken Frame era Depeche Mode. Glad you enjoyed it, Jabber. Not really trance stuff like we were discussing earlier, but fairly good. I'm on the fence on purchasing, too. (edit- purchase made, along with Elika's debut (reprinted!!!) and an EP from the band below)

Another new discovery for y'all today. Got these folks off the shoegaze board I visit. I hear a fair bit of Slowdive and Ride, although they have a pretty wide range of style. Fortunately for me, they took the good parts of Ride, since I'm not really a fan of that band. I think "Waiting for the End" is probably my favorite track of the site, but I'll put up a different one for a little different take on my usual formula.
"Mind the Wires" by Tears Runs Rings
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