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Default Repeating cheats issue?

February 19th, 2008, 11:39
No real spoilers in this post, but if you're particularly worried about them, you may not want to follow the link. It also sounded a lot less whiny while I was writing it.. apologies.

I've just gotten to the Neverwinter archives, about four missions short of Chapter 2 (sod's law, yay!), and my quest is stuck - I can't see the riddle books (yep, I'm using the appropriate item on the appropriate char). Google told me that this issue has been reported before, and can be fixed by updating the quest using a cheat, namely "rs 16_a_puzzle_update" (can't find where I actually learned that, but this thread at Bioware says the same).
The cheat works once, and I get to "you have answered 1 question, now do three more"; aaand then the cheat stops working. The console reports a success, my character glows and makes a dinging noise, and the quest stays stuck 1/4 of the way through.
I'm currently on v.1.10.1115, and not too enamoured with the idea of updating, as I did so a few days ago and then had to reinstall in order to be able to play again. I've tried exiting and reentering debug mode and the game, and loading from a slightly earlier save. Have I just missed something glaringly obvious here (wouldn't be unlike me), or do I actually have a legitimate problem? And if so, anyone know how to fix it?

And while I'm here - if being a greedy little bugger I happened to keep a certain sacred dwarven artefact, have I borked the related quest forever?

Sorry about the huge great "help me!!!!!" here…
-Someone well practised at ambiguity
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