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February 19th, 2008, 20:58
Mark Twain has written a couple of essays on Fenimore Cooper's style that will bring tears to your eyes, too. here's a brief sample if you haven't read them:

Cooper's gift in the way of invention was not a rich endowment; but such as it was he liked to work it, he was pleased with the effects, and indeed he did some quite sweet things with it. In his little box of stage properties he kept six or eight cunning devices, tricks, artifices for his savages and woodsmen to deceive and circumvent each other with, and he was never so happy as when he was working these innocent things and seeing them go.

@ Prime J---I commend your literary perseverance in working through Otranto--I can't make myself slog through the purple prose, gasps and swoons;-pretty over the top stuff- and as the equivalent of the modern bodice-ripper, extremely demeaning to the intelligence of the female of the species --but also very seminal in the formation of the genre we now call horror. Lovecraft and even Poe himself can be a little thick to read at times.
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