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February 19th, 2008, 21:17
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@ Prime J---I commend your literary perseverance in working through Otranto--I can't make myself slog through the purple prose, gasps and swoons;-pretty over the top stuff- and as the equivalent of the modern bodice-ripper, extremely demeaning to the intelligence of the female of the species --but also very seminal in the formation of the genre we now call horror. Lovecraft and even Poe himself can be a little thick to read at times.
It's short.

Vathek was better written, but rather unpleasant in other ways; in particular, it contained just about every Orientalist cliché ever invented, and it had a distinctly perverted twist to it -- sort of an Arabian Nights tale written by a slightly anal-retentive Marquis de Sade with less literary talent.

Originally Posted by William Beckford
So beautiful a cemetery must be haunted by Gouls! and they want not for intelligence; having heedlessly suffered my guides to expire, I will apply for directions to them, and as an inducement will invite them to regale on these fresh corpses."

After this short soliloquy she beckoned to Nerkes and Cafour, and made signs with her fingers, as much as to say, "Go, knock against the sides of the tombs, and strike up your delightful warblings, that are so like to those of the guests whose company I wish to obtain."

The negresses, full of joy at the behests of their mistress, and promising themselves much pleasure from the society of the Gouls, went with an air of conquest, and began their knockings at the tombs; as their strokes were repeated a hollow noise was heard in the earth, the surface hove up into heaps, and the Gouls on all sides protruded their noses, to inhale the effluvia which the carcases of the wood-men began to emit.

They assembled before a sarcophagus of white marble, where Carathis was seated between the bodies of her miserable guides; the princess received her visitants with distinguished politeness, and, when supper was ended, proceeded with them to business. Having soon learnt from them everything she wished to discover, it was her intention to set forward forthwith on her journey, but her negresses, who were forming tender connections with the Gouls, importuned her with all their fingers to wait at least till the dawn. Carathis, however, being chastity in the abstract, and an implacable enemy to love and repose, at once rejected their prayer, mounted Alboufaki, and commanded them to take their seats in a moment; four days and four nights she continued her route, without turning to the right hand or left; on the fifth she traversed the mountains and half- burnt forests, and arrived on the sixth before the beautiful screens which concealed from all eyes the voluptuous wanderings of her son.
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