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February 20th, 2008, 22:35
I agree it's confusing, and maybe 'emulation' wasn't the best word to use. I'm getting the idea from this and the SF Chronicle article I linked that ORB is a software service aplet that lets you manage downloads of console game ports to your pc, where you then can play them either as the whole game or in free sessions that are paid for by in-game or pre-game ads:

Under WildTangent's business plan, users can pay for games outright or pay for gaming sessions. Or, they can watch a video commercial and have the advertiser pay for that particular gaming session, which can last as long as the gamer keeps playing.

WildTangent CEO Alex St. John said the company has signed agreements with PC-makers Dell, HP, and Toshiba and others that enable it to embed its service on 85 percent of computers being sold today.
(SF Chonicle)

2 doctor_kaz: That article also says
"The WildTangent Orb turns any PC into a game console with the same user experience, content and even the same game pad," said St. John. "This creates a bigger distribution for console games."
so I think it does mean you could play those games on your PC. That's what I'm getting anyway.
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