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February 21st, 2008, 12:32
Originally Posted by Dhruin View Post
I'm intentionally ignoring "story" and trying to focus on the things you actually get to do. It' s an imperfect poll but it can lead to discussions such as (just for example), why do we spend so much time in combat if it's well down the list of player preferences (there are good answers for that question, by the way, but this discussion is the precursor).

The points you are talking about (story, immersive world) are features rather than player/game interactions. Go with questing or exploring for you.
Ah bugger, in that case I'd have voted for character development or exploration, I voted for npc interaction as the closest to overall story.

Depends on the game though, they're all good routes into storyline and atmosphere. If character development means expressing something through a unique character that's my favourite, if exploration means uncovering a living breathing world that's my favourite, if npc interaction means discovering believable people with a realistic place in the world that's my favourite, if the quests are convincing and meaningfully embedded in the world and the narrative arc they're my favourites.

Combat and puzzles are generally the least interesting though, although they have the most potential to ruin a game if done badly.

Taking out all story aspects though the most meaningless and geeky pleasure I get is from tweaking stats and allocating skill points.
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