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February 21st, 2008, 18:14
I presume we focus on CRPGs here? So I vote questing for the story, with NPC interaction being close second, as I prefer to play thieves and diplomats in CRPGs. Exploration is the least favored for me. It's sure great and important element for a good CRPG, but I hate it when they FORCE me to explore by making a pause in the story and giving a wide area to roam, do random quests and find loot until you occasionally stumble upon trigger to continue story.

Situation is quite different for JRPGs, apart from following their usually linear stories, the best thing is to study their always peculiar systems, build up your characters and see how they perform against tough bosses. No option for questing or NPC interaction as it is not that much of a gameplay element for JRPGs.
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