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February 22nd, 2008, 13:44
Originally Posted by zakhal View Post
I can come up with lots of cases. Take Kane & Lynch and lynch for example. It was not just hyped wrong but they also tried to force the reviewer to lie too. The only thing they could have added was a lie that its not going to be released on PC so people could have rushed to buy xboxes too.
I haven't played Kane & Lynch, nor have I followed the hype around it -- the Gamespot scandal was most definitely… scandalous, though. Nor Halo3 for that matter.

As for just hype alone i.e mass effect and halo3 definetly had it and plenty with 100% reviews and all. They were like the next coming of robot jesus. My brother bought two editions of mass effect just so he can keep the CE edition in wrapped state forever.

Assasins creed was a hyped disappointment but it atleast got more honest reviews.
There's plenty of hype around, that's for sure -- but somehow there seems to be enough good information out there that at least I have been able to get a pretty accurate picture of what to expect from most games out there. Oblivion being the big exception, of course -- none of the glaring flaws in that game got much air time (outside the Codex) until long after it was out.

IOW, a healthy dose of skepticism is… healthy, but I don't think quite that degree of cynicism is warranted. Not all journalists are on the take all the time, and you're not being any wiser by assuming the worst of them than if you were taking everything they say at face value.
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