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February 23rd, 2008, 01:34
Without story and immersion as options, I went with a moments inspiration and choose… puzzles!

Too many of them and you will break the flow of the game, having them in the wrong places will make immersion go down the drain, and if they are done badly, they feel pointless and frustrating. Done in the right way, however, they can be fun and, at least for me, one of the most memorable pieces of a game.

For example, it was not required to solve the Moredhel wordlock chests in "Betrayal at Krondor", but they did offer a sense of accomplishment distinct from beating another enemy group or solving a well written quest.

Since a large number of puzzles is unreasonable for most RPG scenarios, can they really be the most important aspect? Probably not, but then all other choices in the poll can be either important or completely negligable depending on the RPG you play and the story it tells.
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